Ways to become a professional escort


- Agency or Independent:
The first step to becoming a professional escort is making the decision of doing so with a reputed agency or going solo. There are advantages and disadvantages of both.

When you work under yourself, you can set your prices and keep all the money, pick your off days and choose the client you feel comfortable working with. However, the flip side to working for yourself could be that you don’t have much protection. Nobody is looking out for you; you are alone and could get hurt if you’re not very careful. Finding a client could be difficult, without a database, also, screening a client could be difficult since you may not have the necessary tools required. You have to market and advertise yourself.

If you choose to work with an agency, there are a number of benefits such as having a team that is watching out for your safety. You don’t have to worry about getting clients nor if their dangerous- the company handles that all for you. You get a sense of belonging with other women working in the company. However, the negatives in this case are that you cannot keep all of the money as a part of it has to go the escort company. You cannot choose your off days; it’s just like working in any company under any job. You have a boss and you must respect and obey all the rules.

- Safety
The first thing to being an escort is not revealing your identity. Another, very important point when becoming an escort is that you must keep your body safe and healthy at all times. Periodic check-ups for STDs must be done. Always carry enough protection whether, or not, you are working under an agency. Say NO if you are unwilling to do something for your client. Remember, he is need of YOUR services. Make sure money is not transferred by hands. It should be kept discretely somewhere in the hotel room. Another very important thing to do is to tell someone about where you are going and at what time you are expected to return.

- Marketing
Put up ads on different websites with your photograph, fantasy name and the services you are willing to offer. Put up your pre-paid phone number and website link on the ad. On your website, make sure you put up enticing photos of yourself and keep updating them. You can also use email and social media marketing.

- Screening your clients
Ask if your client has ever prevailed of these services before. Take all the information about your client and check if it isn’t in the escort blacklist database. Check if he is not a registered sex offender.